Colorful “goosebumps” of Vera Jonas directed by daredevil Miki357

The timing of Vera Jonas’s new music video was no coincidence. According to the creators, there was a great need to relieve tension during the Hungarian elections. Borzongásaim (My Goosebumps) helps to do that: everything explodes and we can see all this in slow motion.

She has been known so far only for her English songs, but now the first Hungarian song, Borzongásaim of singer-songwriter Vera Jonas has been released to which extravagant director Miki357 put together the concept and produced the music video. In a very colorful, slow motion video everything explodes, but gets reassembled and whole again.  On the set, the staff hid behind whatever they could find to avoid the explosions carried out by a professional demolition expert.

“The song was born from my own experience of things falling into their places in my life. Be it  finding my apartment, a fulfilled love, or even the moment when I tasted the finest coffee. With lyricist György Hegyi we had a tough time coming up with the right phrase, but finally found the word exactly describing the experience: as in the end I was having goosebumps in all these moments, in a very good sense” – said Vera about the song.

Vera composed the music with Krisztián Vranik „Krizso”, who is also active again in his solo career. Bence Bécsy and Márton Fenyvesi participated in the recordings.

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